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    MOR23Technical help (English)
    Any questions and discussions concerning technical topics; - OS Related (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, BSD, etc) - Internet/Networks (Web hosting, Dedicated Servers, Home/Business Networks, WiFi, etc) - Hardware (PC, Consoles, Phones, etc)
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    RIVA --- ---
    HARKONEN: There's usually an option to disable the "safe boot" in bios. When you do that, you can use the legacy boot. It all depends on the laptop vendor, but from my experience they do put it there. But be careful, might struggle to find the correct drivers and end up with an unstable, unresponsive piece of garbage. Much like when using Windows 8 :)
    MOR23 --- ---
    HARKONEN: Could you please ask your question in English ? This is the English speaking board. Thanks :)
    HARKONEN --- ---
    Hledam nejsnazsi zpusob, jakym lze na win8 protected notebook nainstalovat win7. Hdd je ochraneno i proti zformatovani.
    Kliknutím sem můžete změnit nastavení reklam