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    ztracené heslo?
    MOR23Technical help (English)
    SIRAVECAVEC --- ---
    Too late i like my mac!
    RAYINER --- ---
    I'm not OS X user, but I assume that Steam for Mac was the biggest step for gaming on OS X ever.

    Anyway, what tools/programs are you looking for in particular?
    All I can suggest you right now is Alfred ( http://www.alfredapp.com )
    MOR23 --- ---
    SIRAVECAVEC: Ha! Avoid Mac at all would my opnion say :P
    SIRAVECAVEC --- ---
    Please share your experience with a MAC OS X. What to avoid, what programs tools, games that made history on mac is welcomed.
    MOR23 --- ---
    HARKONEN: Could you please ask your question in English ? This is the English speaking board. Thanks :)
    HARKONEN --- ---
    Hledam nejsnazsi zpusob, jakym lze na win8 protected notebook nainstalovat win7. Hdd je ochraneno i proti zformatovani.
    Kliknutím sem můžete změnit nastavení reklam