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    ztracené heslo?
    MOR23Technical help (English)
    Any questions and discussions concerning technical topics; - OS Related (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, BSD, etc) - Internet/Networks (Web hosting, Dedicated Servers, Home/Business Networks, WiFi, etc) - Hardware (PC, Consoles, Phones, etc)
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    UMIAKI --- ---
    MOR23: I'd say Alza.cz or CZC.cz or Alfa.cz - depends on how much you need to buy.
    If you're looking for some high-end or wholesale stuff or solutions I'd say Dell or HP directly - they both have some Czech daughter companies.
    MOR23 --- ---
    I am looking for the best shop in CZ to buy Network equipment, anyone has an idea where to look ? I am in Prague
    MOR23 --- ---
    CHILDINTIME: Yeah, that's true. However, I would also not suggest using Windows unless you have to because certain apps or games don't work under Linux for whatever reason. (Usually Licensing reasons.)
    CHILDINTIME --- ---
    MOR23: latest OS X (10.10) can be run on 2007 iMacs and Macbooks, I think thats ok and maybe better than PCs - many notebook manufacturers doesnt bother to update their drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 ...
    MOR23 --- ---
    NYX: Yeah new versions of OSX are free but still the old ones are not updated and if you cant run a new version you are fucked because you cant use your machine for something else anymore, and the things you mentioned i agree with, not customizable. And to price, everythime i make a comparison with a PC i get way more for my money when buying a PC, the last time i decided to buy a computer i checked the price for a mac, compared the specs with a pc, then biught a PC and a console, and games, and a big bag of weed and i saved money compared to a Mac.
    NYX --- ---
    new versions of OSX are free.
    price is comparable to similarly specced PCs (where you can compare it...no alternative to 5K iMac, equivalent of graphics cards from Mac Pro can't be bought separately etc.).
    apps on background stay if there is enough memory, otherwise they're swapped out, so who cares. I think they keep screenshot of last state cached, so it seems more responsive.
    and you definitely can use linux on apple hardware.

    out of warranty service costs is something I have no experience with, so can't comment on that.

    // and no, I don't own any mac, I'm long time linux user...

    there are other reasons why I don't like apple hw...no trackpoint on laptops, soldered/glued almost everything in laptops, outdated versions of core unix tools etc...
    MOR23 --- ---
    Customizing a mac: No way, Adding/changing hardware to your mac: No way, Mac OSX has a lot of security issue's because they refuse to update "older" systems in a few years and force you to buy a new version of Mac OSX, have you ever tried to bring your Mac to a place to fix it ? Have you seen the bill afterwards ? There is not much codecs available for Mac, Most opensource apps are there for windows and linux not for mac. Closed apps on MAC OSX tend to stay in background and not close at all which eats your resources. There is no way to re-use your old mac for instance as an Linux comtpuer/server, so you can throw away a machine that is not customizable which you paid too much for :)
    MOR23 --- ---
    Yeah but there is also Steam for Linux, and MAC is not bad it is just overpriced on all sides and you pay for the name, if you compare the price for an average mac and then make a calculation what you can buy if you buy a normal pc, you know you are being anal fucked by a big corporation :)
    SIRAVECAVEC --- ---
    RAYINER: Especially i use inmac warez forum something similar apps for developers, image editors and so on.
    SIRAVECAVEC --- ---
    Too late i like my mac!
    RAYINER --- ---
    I'm not OS X user, but I assume that Steam for Mac was the biggest step for gaming on OS X ever.

    Anyway, what tools/programs are you looking for in particular?
    All I can suggest you right now is Alfred ( http://www.alfredapp.com )
    MOR23 --- ---
    SIRAVECAVEC: Ha! Avoid Mac at all would my opnion say :P
    SIRAVECAVEC --- ---
    Please share your experience with a MAC OS X. What to avoid, what programs tools, games that made history on mac is welcomed.
    MOR23 --- ---
    HARKONEN: Could you please ask your question in English ? This is the English speaking board. Thanks :)
    HARKONEN --- ---
    Hledam nejsnazsi zpusob, jakym lze na win8 protected notebook nainstalovat win7. Hdd je ochraneno i proti zformatovani.
    Kliknutím sem můžete změnit nastavení reklam