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    PAVLOSComedy Zone :: Quotes from the British and American Sitcoms
    911 --- ---
    Judge Harm: Bart Simpson, I declare you emancipated. Further, I hereby garnish Homer's wages until Bart is fully repaid.
    Homer: Mmmm.. Garnish.
    FALLENANGEL --- ---
    "Hi, Earl!"
    PAVLOS --- ---
    Sheldon: 'I'm not insane, my mother had me tested.'

    (Big Bang Theory:)
    ELAINE --- ---
    Manny: "ooh, ooh, ooh"
    Bernard: "what's up with you?"
    Manny: "I get terrible cramp when I'm stressed"
    Bernard: "So don't be stressed. Why are you stressed?"
    Manny: "Because I open the fridge door there are shin bandages next to the cheese."
    Bernard: "That's just a little..."
    Manny: "There's jam in the bath"
    Bernard: "Oh, come on!"
    Manny: "You are a filth wizard, a friend only to the pig and the rat"
    (Manny's opening a pizza box) Ugh. Look!"
    Bernard: "Pizza. I was gonna warm and eat it later. Everybody does that. That's normal. You are looking for things to complain about!"
    Manny: (showing him the box) "And what are these?"
    Bernard: "Wasps"

    (Black Books, Grapes of Wrath)

    FALLENANGEL --- ---
    "Oh, we have been voting. Three of us voted for the plane, Sheldon voted for the train... so we are taking the train."
    R4BB1T --- ---
    Nice suit. John Phillips, London. I have two myself. Rumor has it Arafat buys his there.
    PAVLOS --- ---
    Edith: Rene! What are you doing with that serving girl?

    Rene: Youuuu stuuuupid woman!

    ['Allo 'Allo!]
    ROJTA --- ---
    sheldon: "...and Penny? well played."
    FALLENANGEL --- ---
    MISHAAA: Penny: "Who is it?"
    MISHAAA --- ---
    knock-knock Penny! knock-knock Penny! knock-knock Penny!
    PAVLOS --- ---
    DAVE: How could you do this to me?
    DEBBIE: Do what?
    DAVE: Fertilise me. Take advantage of me. Knowing that I was drunk and didn't have precautions.
    DEBBIE: Listen, I assumed you'd taken care of that side of things. It's the man's responsibility. It's the man who get's pregnant. It's the man who has to suffer the agony of childbirth.
    ARNOLD: Agony! This gets better and better!

    RedDwarf S2E6
    PAVLOS --- ---
    Blackadder to Baldrick: "We are going to meet our maker. In my case god, in your case god knows."
    TAJENNKA --- ---
    uf.. The Mighty Boosh "fantastic"
    B01D --- ---
    The Big Bang Theory is pretty much my favorite sitcom. Sheldon and Howard are the best :D
    JUDAS --- ---
    yo! Book a rovnou reklama na muj klubik o Boosh a tak..

    [ The Mighty Boosh ]
    JAH_N_BASS --- ---
    Im not quite sure if it wasnt here already but I like this one from Two and a half men.
    "If you keep on eating all this crap, you will soon have more Chins than a chinese phonebook."
    CAPITALD --- ---
    Mark: "Sperm is like lending someone less than a fiver. You can't really ask for it back."

    FALLENANGEL --- ---
    "My name is Randy"

    My name is Earl
    PAVLOS --- ---
    Jeremy: What do you think, Super Hans?
    Super Hans: Crack! Just give me crack!

    FALLENANGEL --- ---
    Hello Umpa Lumpas of science!

    Big Bang Theory s01e12
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